Phoenix MT502

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Spider Conference Phone (Not IP) for PSTN telephony and USB soft codec

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Change the way you conference with the Spider.

Featuring state of the art accoustics, noise and echo cancellation technologies and a proprietary portfolio of algorithms, the Spider is the most powerful and advanced conference phone on the market. The four powerful microphone, true HD audio, full duplex, and exceptional broadcasting range ensure crystal clear, seamless conversations.

Designed with both telephone connectivity and a PC soft interface for video conferencing, the Spider eliminates the need for two seperate conferencing devices to be placed in your conference room. Use the Spider alone or daisy-chain up to 14 units to cover any size conference room design.

The ideal solutuon for:

  • Conference rooms of any size
  • Training rooms
  • Huddle and breakout rooms
  • Executive offices


A state of the art accoustic design that delivers a pick up range and speaker clarity like no other conference phone on the market. The Spider’s powerful DSP accompanied by Phoenix Audio Technologies’ proprietary algorithms provides best in class echo-cancellation, noise suppression and a true HD audio experience.

Intuitive User Interface

The Spider is the first conference phone that lets you see what your audio device is doing during the conference call. With discreetly placed LED lights and an interactive dial pad that both come to life when the Spider is in action.


The Spider supports power daisy chaining of up to 14 slave units to cover any size of conference room. The cable connectivity is conveniently placed under the unit for a sleek look in your conference room.


The Spider is designed to fulfill your every conference room audio need. With the capability to connect to your PSTN telephony line and video codec simultaneously and form a three way call bridge. With the Spider there is no more need for multiple audio solutions for one conference room.


Bridging between USB and PSTN Telephony
Daisy chainable up to 14 slave units
Interactive dial pad
Four microphone beam-forming array with directional LED lighting
Full duplex communcation
DSP based algorithms
  Echo cancelling
  Noise reduction
  Automatic gain control
Supports POE


PSTN with USB interface (mini B connector)
3.5mm DIN, 4 pole for external microphone and speaker connection
Ethernet daisy chain expandability of up to 14 units
Power consumption 150mA from 48V
ac/dc adaptor
Frequency Response 50hZ-16KHz
Low latency
Broadcast level (peak): 92dB SPL @ 1m (5 watts RMS)
Three way bridging capability
Noise cancellation > 10dB (without pumping noise)
Full duplex – no attenuation (in either direction) during full duplex
More detials on the datasheet
Diameter 7 inch
Height 1-7/8 inch
Metal case and metal grill mesh for high RFI immunity and product durability
Data Protocols
Plug & play – no installtaion or additional drivers required
Audio setup utility is available for Windows
Recording utility is available for Windows
Recording utility allows you to record conversations to your computer via the Spider
Operating systems: Windows 98, up/Lunux/MacOS
USB cable
48V power supply international adapter
Daisy chain cable (Ethernet)
Telephone cable
2 years
Provisioning and Management
Web server for configuration and management, configuration update via FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP Options (66, 67, 160, 12, 77, 42)




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